Hero Engine (not free)

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HeroEngine is an MMO development team’s dream come true — it streamlines the entire process of building your MMO game. Artists, world builders, scripters, game designers, producers, and customer service can all collaborate live, online, in real-time. Create and update your game faster, with more time to focus on the fun rather than waiting for code to crunch. Build the game and play it at the same time to see instant results.


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6 Responses to “Hero Engine (not free)”

  1. By paul on December 28, 2008

    hello all !
    this engine is the verry best you can get ….!!!
    only if you pay a fee from about 600 us dollars!!
    amazing engine thats true realy in real time building along with your friends,
    its only a metter of time to get a download i think , if they downgrade the costs proberly more people can affort it to buy it !

    i will wait fro this program its awsome !!

  2. Being used by Bioware for their ‘Neverwinter night’ mmo, it sure must be a good engine.

    Wow only 600 dollars? I thought it was priced more…

  3. By Lycaeonia on November 16, 2009

    Hero Engine Costs more than $600 more like a couple $100,000. it may be the best one out but like most things it is way too over priced

  4. Ye i suspected it was (much) more than 600 dollars, but wow 100k! 2x!

    Corporations only.. No surprise Bioware’s mmo will be powered by this.

    Anyway i found this engine to be cool so included in the site, just for info.

    There are a lot of free mmo engine btw, one of them is even open source! 😆

  5. By Bleh on November 22, 2009

    My last development studio was interested by using this engine… it cost 1,2 million € (dunno if they sell it @ 1,2 million dollar or more)

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