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GameWager (GW) is an online platform that supports PC games and enables all gamers to get more out of their gaming experiences – GAME TO GAIN.

The platform curently offers:
• A reward system based on a virtual currency [called tokens] that are earned from completing in-game actions such as kills, objectives and team wins. Earned tokens can be redeemed for a chance to win sponsored prizes in our raffle-style Reward Zone.

• A suite of profile tools that empower you to interactively review all your deep game stats in one location; cross server, cross genre. With customizable profiles and leader-boards, you can brag, share and compare your stats with friends and enemies.

How Does it Work?
Unleash the power in four really simple steps:

1) Sign Up- There is nothing to install and it only takes 10 seconds
2) Play Games – Jump on a GW Enabled server or our casual GW Games
3) Earn Tokens- By playing games
4) Get Prizes – Check the Reward Zone for sweet gear!

Hell if i know if this is good or bad..


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