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A persistent Master of Orion Online?

By the 28th century, with earth stripped bare of its precious natural resources, humanity has been forced to adapt to a new and harsh environment. Reaching further and further into the dark recesses of the universe in search of desperately needed materials, man has finally released himself from the confines of Earth and settled in far away galaxies.

However, as the course of human history fatefully shows, times of expansion are always superseded by times of war. Fighting for the rich resources available in distant galaxies, the powerful Kadry Group, Federation of Eir, Bakran League, Rofilla Consortium, Maya Clan, Rayman Empire… have become embroiled in bitter battles for supremacy and control over the universe.

At the same time, the legend of a mythical location where man’s most needed and desired treasures abound has emerged. It is said that at the center of the universe, vast treasures exist such that should they be captured, their possessor would be able to conquer the universe totally and completely. In their greed, the various factions have stimulated their war and production machines to one aim – to find this treasure and finally take control of their destiny. In their midst, renegade groups of interplanetary pirates have arisen, also driven by the desire to secure prosperity and wealth for themselves and generations to come.

Survival, expansion, commerce and plunder. In this age of strife, who can predict whether this infant civilization will progress towards greatness, or collapse under the pressure of conquest and bloodshed? The only dependable fact is war.



Star Lords (Master of Orion Zero)

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