Waste some time with FineFin and MediaMeg

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How about some big time wasters ? What no ice tea ? 😛
You can play this fine games made by Herr Fin (author of dotville) and-or the Canada Free Games, which is the author of the Sift Heads series..

You can play them at the village:

Play FineFin Games
Play MediaMeg games

Or you can play them at the authors respective site:

FineFin Games

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3 Responses to “Waste some time with FineFin and MediaMeg”

  1. hey! it’s a nice surprise to see my games here. thanks!

  2. You are welcome. Let me know if it’s ok that i host your games, for whatever reason you want me to remove them just drop a comment around.

    To all the viewers who can watch this post, be sure to give a shot to FineFin games.

    Cya, Fin. 😉

  3. hey, no problem!
    the more people play my games, the happier I am!

    btw. “Your Face” recently hit the 15mio-plays-mark. that made me very happy 🙂


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