Bright Shadow

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Presented in full 3D, the game adopts an anime-inspired style with diverse monster designs, a lush game world, and endless options to customize your character.

-High quality graphics, including a weather system!
-Supreme Social Features – Friends list, in-game mail system, party matchmaking, Mentor System, Guilds (Rankings, in-game Hall, bulletin boards), and more!
-Choose from 20 class archetypes – Warriors, Mages, Machinists, and Shamans!
-Battle hundreds of unique monsters, the Umbra, across the land!
-Soul Power System – Players absorb “Soul Power” from slain enemies. “Soul Power” is used for a wide range of purposes, including skills and spell activation, production, starting guilds, raising pets and more!
-Card Collection System – Over 500 monster cards! Obtained via battle, monster cards have a range of uses, from purchasing special items, activating special abilities to summoning monsters!
-Thousands of items available for customization!

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