Rise of Immortals Open Beta

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Rise of Immortals is an online, free-to-play PC game that expands on the hit Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre with new, innovative features designed to appeal to both core and casual players.

Rise of Immortals
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Rise of Immortals is set in the world of Graxia, 300 years after the events of “Guardians of Graxia,” Petroglyph’s fantasy-based PC game released last year. Rise of Immortals features the popular action-strategy gameplay of traditional MOBA games, but adds enhanced socialization features, along with persistent character progression – a first for the MOBA genre. Instead of an account- based leveling system, players can advance their Immortals through a diverse, persistent skill tree, customizing and upgrading the characters to unlock unique abilities that persist from match to match.

In addition, Rise of Immortals features a social hub where players can show off their enhanced Immortals, chat, emote, browse leaderboards, shop, manage friend and guild lists and more. Players also have the option of taking their Immortals through cooperative Player versus Environment (PvE) scenarios to learn the game, try out new abilities, and earn persistent experience before jumping into Player versus Player (PvP) matches online.

Players can purchase items via the in-game store to further enhance their Immortals, including new Immortal skins and consumable items like in-game boosters and elixirs. Petroglyph plans to release new content on a regular basis, including additional Immortals, arenas, skins, sound packs, and more.

Features of Rise of Immortals:
12 unique Immortals at launch with additional characters released monthly
Character-based progression through a diverse skill tree
Persistent artifacts for stat enhancements
Player versus Environment maps with unique achievements
Player versus Player maps from 1v1 up to 5v5 multiplayer
Gain persistent experience and levels through play in PvP and PvE maps
Collectible pets for combat and vanity
Account and Immortal statistics tracking
Avatar-based player hub for socialization

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  1. By BTL on July 12, 2011

    cool, I like easy competitions. Especially ones where I get to tell people what to do.

    A win all round.

  2. By BTL on July 12, 2011

    Oh, I posted this in the wrong place. It was supposed to be for the Mount and Blade competition.

    Nevermind 🙂

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