Modern WarFare 2 breaks Record

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Biggest selling video game in history? So It seems..
Let’s make things clear, this game is identical in all three version (PC,X360,PS3) which means on PC no dedicated servers, and online matchmaking restricted to 9 vs 9.
This is not the best game ever made, but if you like FPS it is one of the most enjoyable, i think details are amazing, as you can see in the screenshot, there is the c-130 chaff and flare ‘Angel’ (a real class touch in my opinion) or in the screenshot of the gunfight you can see so many details one doesn’t even notice during the fury of the fight, but they are still there.. The single-player is short, multiplayer is identical to console (limited from a pc-gamer point of view), the russian version of the game does not include a controversial scene that allowed the player to shoot at innocent civilians in a Moscow airport.
Did i buy this game? no, but just beacouse i feel it is overpriced and the way is made now multiplayer part of the game is not attracting me. In my opinion this game started and was designed for console (xbox,ps3) and pc version is just a straight port, obviously the PC Gaming is not dead but outside the World of WarCraft i don’t see a lot of freshness..

Some of you remeber the name of one of CoD 4 characters? Coz i can’t.. While i am pretty sure most of you knows who is Snake.

(actual C-130 ‘Angel Flare’)

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13 Responses to “Modern WarFare 2 breaks Record”

  1. By Máté on November 22, 2009

    I remember all of the main characters, CoD 4 is 1 of my favorite games. I didnt try cod6 yet, but it looks good.

    • wow u remember all the generic soldiers..
      I still think the story and characters so anonymous are really a weak point in the cod 6 single-player franchise…

      Hey long time no see Máté.. is it safe now to surf the website? 😆

  2. By Máté on November 22, 2009

    Firefox still spam with warnings, im writing from ie. I liked cpt. Price and my favourite mission was the 1 in Chernobyl. Did they earned more with this than Rockstar with GTA IV ($500000000 on the 1st week).

    • Ah Cpt. Price, now that u mentioned him, i think i remember he was a soldier of the SAS (English Special Forces).. spectacular the assault on the cargo ship during sea storm..

      About FireFox warning, thanks for the information, i really hope they will update the local blacklist soon, cause as you probably may confirm the site is 100% clean and safe.

  3. By Máté on November 23, 2009

    I think the problem is with my PC, cuz it works perfectly from school. I may have 2 delete cookies.

    • In firefox the blacklist is stored in the file urlclassifier3.sqlite in Mozilla-Firefox-Profiles folder. Deleting it solve the problem BUT i don’t suggesto to delete it caus it contains (probably) bad sites too together with ‘innocents’.. 😆

      Basically Firefox should automatically update that file (list) after a period of time, but its takin a shitload lot of time…

      Thanks again for the info.

  4. By Máté on November 23, 2009

    Now it works, i didnt do anything, my only problems are now it shows less comments on the main page and i cant force it to remember my name and password, i’d go back 2 chrome, but 4 some reason it streams vids very slowly.

    • I just find out that one of the voice of the game (Sgt. Soap MacTavish) is played by Kevin McKidd (Centurion Lucio Voreno in HBO’s Rome), that is one of my favourite TV shows and McKidd seems a nice actor, even if i must say my favourite was Tito Pullo (Ray Stevenson)

  5. By satrincha on November 25, 2009

    still boycotting (that word exist ?) that MW2 ! They will never kill dedicated servers 😮 (and i play only in CoD4 in massive servers (16VS16, 20vs20, etc …)

    • According to various websites, the boycott was a failure, pretty much as most of the previous boycott in various game. IW never took them seriously, probably beacouse their core business is x360 and ps3.. without console probably the PC market would be stronger while now it holds ground thanks only to mmo and internet.

  6. By satrincha on November 28, 2009

    yes the developpers havent listen the PC community, who want tools for make mods, maps, etc … console next gen are arrived, with the DLC business. So its only business, the industrial turn to consoles because consoles cannot make mods or maps, and they can sell it to them. So some years ago, the games was made for PC and come to consoles, now its reverse, and that make a unadapted game for PC (that mean more warez of course). And (like EA Sports) they leave the PC now 🙁

    and yes boycott of CoD6 are totally fail 😆

  7. This is a pretty good mod for cod 4 (Modern Warfare 1)

  8. By satrincha on December 1, 2009

    yes its coming before christmas. It sound good !

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