The Seventh Dragon (browser)

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An easy and simple Browser-RPG game.

“The Seventh Dragon” is a simulation RPG set in a spectacular fantasy world focusing on character development, battles, and strategy. Players choose between “Human”, “Elf” and “Undead” races and maintain their castles. The first objective is to build up your castle into a huge city and increase the power of your country. When your country’s power reaches a certain level, recruit trustworthy fighters known as “Heroes” that will support you in so many ways. Then raise more soldiers in your castle.
At the same time, gather allies and form a Guild. Once you, with your large group of allies, occupy 5 cities belonging to other races you can get economic and military support from “The Seventh Dragon”. With this support, you can attempt to defeat the Devil boss, “Kaberos” – that is the ultimate objective of this game.

Link to The Seventh Dragon

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