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Nexuiz is a free open-source first person shooter that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.

Nexuiz v2.5.2
1.1 GiB - 639 downloads

Note: The zip contains Nexuiz v 2.5.2 all 3 versions Windows,Linux and Macintosh. It also contains map pack r2 and the source models.

Visit Nexuiz PC Site

Visit Nexuiz Official Site

Author is accepting donations, so if you like the game .. go for it send him some bucks! Oh and don’t forget Nexuiz is being published on console too!

Nexuiz is a 3d deathmatch game that has been in development since the summer of 2002. The goal of the project is to create a high quality first person shooter that can be played freely across all platforms in one package: PC, Mac, and can be even included in Linux distributions. The game is entirely open source, with the sources of the engine, gamecode, map files, and compiling tools, all included with the download, all under the GPL license.

The gameplay is deathmatch with the most excessive possible speeds and weapons, giving incredibly intense fast paced action. Along with deathmatch, there are multiple gamemodes such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, domination, and many mutators and weapon options like rocket arena and instagib. The user can fight through the single player campaign, going through over 20 levels, or play online with our server browser.

Nexuiz is based on the Darkplaces engine, built on OpenGL technology. The darkplaces engine is an advanced Quake1 based engine developed mainly by Forest “LordHavoc” Hale, who has been working with the Quake1 engine for many years. A few of Darkplaces main features are Quake3bsp support, realtime lighting and shadowing, new particle effects, advanced menu system, and Md3 model support.

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4 Responses to “Nexuiz”

  1. By Máté on March 29, 2010

    Thanks for reminding me for this awesomeness. I wonder if they could make Q1 look like this, what could they do to Crysis or ArmA 2?

    • Yar welcome.. Yep Quake live doesn’ t seem as good as this one..
      About Crysis i found the single player enjoyable while the multiplayer is not very good..

  2. By abhifx on April 3, 2010

    sadly nexuiz is now a commercial game and the FOSS developers have forked it… now called xanotics

    • As far as i know only the console version is gone commercial.
      The PC version is still free and open-source.

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