Mugen Collection 3

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Added new mugen made games to the collection..

Mugen Collection mirror 1
10 bytes - 64,856 downloads

Mugen Collection mirror 6
10 bytes - 6,221 downloads

Mugen Collection mirror 2
10 bytes - 10,779 downloads

Mugen Collection mirror 3
10 bytes - 14,083 downloads

Mugen Collection mirror 4
10 bytes - 12,624 downloads

Mugen Collection mirror 5
10 bytes - 15,785 downloads

Here we go with the screenshots of newly added games..

Saint Seyia (Zodiac Knights) Mugen

PDC_BETA Pocket Dimensional Clash



Neo_Saint_Seyia_Poseidon – unfinished

rockman1 mugen

Masters of the Universe – mini game

Evangelion Mugen

Cartoon M.U.G.E.N.

The new games included are:

Evangelion Mugen
nijikaku_v0.41 – 3 files
rockman1 mugen
Saint_Seyia_Mugen_1.3 – 4 files
Cartoon M.U.G.E.N.
Masters of the Universe
PDC_BETA Pocket Dimensional Clash

Previously games included in this collection:

Bleach M.U.G.E.N (2010)
dc vs capcom vs marvel – 2files
Dragon Ball AF -M.U.G.E.N._NEW VERSION – 2 files
Dragon Ball Heroes v3 2015 – 3 files
Street Fighter vs Fatal Fury II
Super Heroes M.U.G.E.N. – 2files
DC vs Marvel – 4 files
Alien vs Predator Mugen Edition
Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition (2010)
Dragon Ball Z vs Bleach (2010)
Marvel VS Capcom 2 FE version 1 (mugen)
ONE PIECE Grand Line Bout Beta (mugen)
Dragon Ball AF Beta 1.0 (mugen)
Naruto Arena Battle 2(mugen) (2 files)
Capcom VS Snk Ultimate Mugen 2007
Star Wars Mugen
Bastard! (mugen)
Street Fighter 1 Mugen (2 files)
Snk Battle Coliseum Mugen (2 files)
Pocket Fighter
Manga Warriors Torunament
Mugen Tournament 3

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12 Responses to “Mugen Collection 3”

  1. By Juliano on November 6, 2010

    A tela dos jogos fica muito pequena, não dá para jogar!

    As teclas Alt + Enter não funcionam!

    Como faço para alterar a resolução no arquivo “mugen.cfg” ???

    Qual resolução devo colocar (valores)???


    • Try to watch this video it should answer the question..

      Open the folder where your winmugen is in. Open the data folder.
      Then open the mugen.cfg with a text editor like notepad
      Scroll down until you see [video win]
      then scroll down a little further where it says DXmode=
      and replace whatever is after the = with either the word “hardware” or “software” with out the quotes

      Tente assistir a este vídeo deve responder a pergunta ..

      Abra a pasta onde o winmugen está dentro Abra a pasta de dados.
      Em seguida, abra o mugen.cfg com um editor de texto como o notepad
      Desça até ver [vídeo win]
      em seguida, desça um pouco mais adiante, onde diz DXmode =
      e substituir o que está depois do = tanto com a palavra “hardware” ou “software” com as aspas

  2. By STEVE on April 25, 2011

    thanks very very thx

  3. By Karim Aziz on November 8, 2012

    collection mirror 5 was deleted

  4. By kebb on December 9, 2012

    Hi, where can i download the one piece Colosseum? What mirror?

  5. By anonymous on January 3, 2013

    where can i download jump superstars smash bros?

  6. By Star Master on February 27, 2018

    thanks 4 upload nice upload

  7. By anonymous on May 11, 2023

    Where can I download Rozen Mugen?

    • hi this is the right page but as you probably noticed it is some time i don t update the site so i must update the download links… as soon as possible, meanwhile search with google

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