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A cross-platform 3D game engine using Ogre or Irrlicht and Bullet for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone.

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The goal of gamekit is to create a basic game engine that allows fast prototyping build around open source software free for commercial use.

Using Ogre or Irrlicht for graphics, Bullet for physics, OpenAL for sound
OgreKit is most actively developed and in svn/trunk, the suspended Irrlicht version is in svn/branches/IrrKit.
Engine is written in C++ and the game logic can be done in C++, Lua scripting or logic bricks
Reads all data from Blender .blend files, with future FBX import planned
Free from viral licenses: only using components using MIT/BSD/Zlib style licenses
CMake cross-platform build system support that works out-of-the-box, see http://cmake.org
Gamekit supports Windows and Mac OSX, Linux and iPhone.

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