Bioroid: Scale City Takedown

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Bioroid: Scale City Takedown is a 2D action platformer PC game, set in a technicolour cyberpunk world inhabited by lizards. Play as Radimus Flex, a cybernetically enhanced lizard, and unlock new powers which can be used to explore the dystopian Scale City. Switch between: shoot/charged shoot, wall stick/wall jump, and air dash/ground dash to enhance the gameplay. Combine these powers for movement and combat to find secrets and eliminate enemies. Bioroid: Scale City Takedown was developed by 4 team members in Unity 5 engine over 2 months.

Link to Official Site

22.6 MiB - 299 downloads

Keyboard Controls:

WASD – Move
Space Bar – Jump
K – Use Ability
J,L – Switch Active Ability

System Requirements:

-Single Player
-Microsoft Controller Support
-Keyboard Controller Support
-Minimum PC requirements:
-OS: Windows XP
-Processor: Intel Pentium E2180 2.0 GHz
-Memory: 1 GB RAM
-Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400
-Storage: 500MB available space

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