Alganon goes Subscription Free

They switched to a Guild Wars like business model, basically buy the client and play for free.

Participating in the online gaming industry is more challenging now than it has ever been and the Free to Play market has changed the game. Partially for the good. Partially for the bad. It has resulted in more choices for gamers, but lessened the quality of so many released products and Micro transactions are now becoming the norm. To evolve with the ever changing market, Alganon has moved to a Subscription Free model.

There is a difference between Free to Play (F2P) and Subscription Free (SF). F2P gives the client away so there is zero barrier of entry. This creates a game world where anyone can just come in and do their thing. The drawback is the lack of controlling troublemakers and defining the general social maturity of a game.

We decided to keep the purchase price to prevent Alganon from being saturated by gamers who have no investment in the game they are playing. Even though we are subscription free most gamers prefer to play with others who are committed to the game to some degree.


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Alganon Trial Server System

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Quest Online is proud to announce the launch of the new Alganon Trial Server System. The Trial Server System will allow anyone who may be interested in Alganon the chance to “try before you buy”.

The trial server system will allow any MyAlganon user the chance to get into Alganon and experience exploring a vast new world, questing, crafting the Studies system and more.

The Alganon Trial Server System is also a great way for current subscribers to invite their friends, family, guildmates and more to experience Alganon. Current subscribers have access to the trial servers to make characters and help guide their friends as they start their journey in Alganon.

Link to Alganon

Players can explore, quest, level, and craft. They can also use the studies system, the auction house and more.
individual trial characters more than 30 days old will periodically be deleted. All MyAlganon accounts will retain access to the trial servers, only the individual characters will be deleted.
There are no restrictions on the level a player can reach on the trial server.


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