FrontierVille (Facebook)

FrontierVille is a game created and developed by Zynga. It was released on June 9th, 2010 and is available to play on Facebook.

In FrontierVille, the Pioneer can tame the wild and create his/her own special Homestead and town. In order to build a thriving frontier town, the Pioneer must first gather the proper resources and clear the land. Chopping Lumber Trees will produce Wood while harvesting Fruit Trees, Animals, and Crops can produce Food, Coins and Energy. After chopping and harvesting, the Pioneer will have to begin constructing Buildings to found a town on the FrontierVille Homestead. The Pioneer is given Goals to help them along the way. The Pioneer won’t be alone, and will have a Spouse, and a family to raise too!

In the beginning of the game, Frontier Jack explains the basics of the Gameplay of Frontierville.


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Heroes in the Sky

Heroes in the Sky is a World War II flight combat simulation mmo game. Gamers can play against the system or against a multitude of other people from around the world.


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The West (browser)

Discover new land and experience exciting adventures and duels!
The West is waiting for you!

Follow the traces of Jesse James and Billy The Kid, experience exciting adventures and search for gold along the Klondike!

The West is a role-playing game set in the Wild West. You play a character on the hunt for adventure, gold and fortune. On your adventure you will partake in interesting and exciting stories, you’ll help the settlers and collect a few bounties.

You decide the career that your character will pursue and where it will take you. About two million players are already waiting for you!

Link to the West

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Bullets of a Revolver

The zip includes both game and soundtrack.

Bullets of a Revolver tells the story of Raymond Walker and Marguerite Roberts, two bandits from the Wild West looking for a legendary Golden Cave located somewhere on the outskirts of Bolton City.

Troubles and enemies await for them on the journey they will go to find the legendary Golden Cave. Join them on this adventure and fight against 10 different characters in Story Mode.

The Arcade Mode offers one-on-one battle against all characters. Challenge a friend in versus mode, playing on the same keyboard or using gamepads.

Link to Author Site

Bullets of a Revolver
45.5 MiB - 1,482 downloads

The Author accepts donations, so if you like the game go to his website and make him a donation.


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Cowboy Bebop GTA

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Cowboy Bepop GTA

A very nice fan movie.

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