WBM Euro 2009

World Basketball Manager (WBM), is a basketball strategy game that uses the same gameplay principles as most soccer management games do. WBM has been around since 1999.

In order to celebrate Eurobasket 2009 in Poland game’s author decided to create a free mini game for the tournament. The game is free for everyone to play and will let you select any European National Team and try to qualify to the final stage in Poland and win the Gold!

It offers 2 different modes of the game depending on the national team the user will select to take control. If he selects a team that is already qualified for Eurobasket 2009, will play the final stage mode and if he selects any other European Team will have to play first the qualification mode in order to qualify.

The mini game is based on the latest WBM retail v1.9.4

Download WBM Euro 2009

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Need for Speed World Online (Asia)

Need for Speed World Online is a Play 4 Free racing game designed exclusively for the PC. The game will give Need for Speed fans the most licensed cars, parts and game modes ever in Need for Speed history. Players will prove their racing supremacy through the sophisticated online matchmaking features and the more flamboyant gamers will get the chance to show off their skills through customizable rides and user profiles.

Need for Speed World Online will begin in Asia Summer 2009. The game is being co-developed with Black Box and EA Singapore. European and North American versions of the game will have differences from the Asian one (winter 2009?).

G4G Entry (NFS World Online Asia)

NFS World Online Euro/American


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World of Soccer Euro Online and some free soccer game

A nice soccer online game available in many countries.


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