Filesonic has shutted down sharing functionality!

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It has just been some few days that MegaUpload has been shut down and the owner and some of the staff got arrested by FBI, the owner and founder of the site Kim Schmitz risk 50 years of Jail!! (This is madness guys and it s not funny). FileSonic got on defense and decided to prevent this to happen to them too, they closed the shared files function.. If you are a regular visitor of this site you will know that i putted a lot of links from filesonic, so what changes for you? Pretty much nothing.

Of every game i putted in this website i always included a link to the Author site, so if the author site is not offline you can still download all the files you want! Some files are collections custom made, for that i will need some time to fix it, sorry for any inconvenience

Now on a comment about this, what USA and FBI did on filehosters is terrible! I agree that there were many copyright files on the filehosters sites BUT i contest the principle, what about the many legal files? What about Internet does not belong to corporations and or America only? This is an attack to world citizens freedom! And for what? For some video,music, games? This is too much power! What will stop them now to shutdown sites like google, youtube, facebook, beacouse there is copyright material and-or shown there too? What will stop them from shutting down any damn site they don’t like? I think that some corporations declared war on their customers..

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Link to StopAmericanCensorship

Link to DefendtheInternet

Link to Stop Sopa Game Jam

”Sacrificing freedom of speech for the benefit of corporate profit is abominable and disgusting.” – Notch. (MineCraft)


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Need for Speed World Online (Asia)

Need for Speed World Online is a Play 4 Free racing game designed exclusively for the PC. The game will give Need for Speed fans the most licensed cars, parts and game modes ever in Need for Speed history. Players will prove their racing supremacy through the sophisticated online matchmaking features and the more flamboyant gamers will get the chance to show off their skills through customizable rides and user profiles.

Need for Speed World Online will begin in Asia Summer 2009. The game is being co-developed with Black Box and EA Singapore. European and North American versions of the game will have differences from the Asian one (winter 2009?).

G4G Entry (NFS World Online Asia)

NFS World Online Euro/American


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Obama The First Black President of USA

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This goes directly on the history books, i noticed there are a lot of Americans, coming to this site daily, i thought it was needed to say something about this, a new golden age for america has started? Time will tell… OBAMA IS GOLD! 😆

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The Political Machine 2008 Express (demo)

This is a demo, in which you can run for 2008 white house seat.Play as Obama, McCain, biden or Palin in a 21 week race competition for the white house.

Stardock announced The Political Machine Express today, a free version of its runaway political simulation hit for the PC, The Political Machine 2008. The free strategy game from the creators of the Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire series puts players in the role of the campaign manager of either John McCain or Barack Obama in a quest to win the White House. The game has been updated to feature vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.


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Conquering Washington


Who will be the next USA President? I don’t know but you could simulate or play some games about the internet about this stuff…


MiniClip – Campaign Game

POWER Politics 3 (free educational version)


Fantasy Politics USA

Gamequarium (a collection of presidential games)

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