Navigate your way through this atmospheric puzzle platformer.


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All the Mirrors have been restored

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Do you remeber the Megaupload Gate? Well with that other filehosters decided to play in advance and (in my case) i found out some time ago Filesonic had deleted all my files! We had some files hosted there, it took some time but now all the files are back on Not all the files were recovered…

The files not recovered are:

SoramiGoGo v1.02 – the Author Site is offline
Tower Commodore v1.5c – the Author removed the official download
Halo mod (CnC Tiberian Sun) – the link is broken
Broken Sword 2.5 FR Mac – dunno where to download it

Other few files were outdated and or abandoned so i decided to not support them with mirrors anymore.

If you are one of the Authors of this 4 games or you simply download one of this in the past and still have it, please contact me or comment posting some links i would like to host the files again, thanks.

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Purge is a project of the Master in Creation of Videogames at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. A running platform game a-la Mirror Edge.


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Mirror’s Edge Free (for Iphone)

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DON’T LOOK BACK! Made to maximize the visual intensity of the iPhone 4 Retina Display, get the cutting edge in adrenaline-driven gameplay on the App Store™! The Mirror’s Edge experience for iPhone® & iPod touch® will leave you breathless!


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Lord of the Rings Online HD Client Download

The Client for Lotro is a huge 10GB download.. if you need a fast mirror to download, we at has provided one.

UPDATE:The Download has been deleted.


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Mirror’s Edge Music Video

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Music video of the theme of the game Mirror’s Edge.


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Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta (Flashgames)

A mini-game in flash of Mirror’s Edge.

PLAY (website)

PLAY (direct link)

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