Murder files free until 31st December 2013

As one of the detectives from the infamous Blue Toad Agency you arrive in the quaint village of Little Riddle for a well-earned break. But there is murder and mystery afoot. Eliminate suspects, get witness evidence and solve the puzzles to discover Whodunnit. Who is the mysterious murderer?


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OVER 4000 FreeGames to download and play!

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Now site is running by many years, we have more than 4000 games for you to download and play! Many games are in the old archive, but all the games can be found in the new archive.

Link to Full Archive of downloads.

When i started the site i would have never thought to reach this numbers.. I wonder if you are one of those who downloaded and play 1 or more freegames you found here..

Well now you have a task for today! 😆 Search a freegame on, download it and play it!!! 😆


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All the Mirrors have been restored

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Do you remeber the Megaupload Gate? Well with that other filehosters decided to play in advance and (in my case) i found out some time ago Filesonic had deleted all my files! We had some files hosted there, it took some time but now all the files are back on Not all the files were recovered…

The files not recovered are:

SoramiGoGo v1.02 – the Author Site is offline
Tower Commodore v1.5c – the Author removed the official download
Halo mod (CnC Tiberian Sun) – the link is broken
Broken Sword 2.5 FR Mac – dunno where to download it

Other few files were outdated and or abandoned so i decided to not support them with mirrors anymore.

If you are one of the Authors of this 4 games or you simply download one of this in the past and still have it, please contact me or comment posting some links i would like to host the files again, thanks.

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I made a new archive for this site, now it’s much more easy (imo) to browse through hundreds of free games, you can access the new archive by clicking in the upper menu of the site or by clicking here

That’s it..
4 years of and thousands of free games in just 18 pages! Coming soon in the next days or week the browsing per category.
NOTE for Internet Explorer Users: It works under IE 8, but the archive is best viewed with other browsers.. 😆
It works perfectly on FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

Any suggestions, criticism, and feedback is always welcome.
Hope you like the new archive. Cya.

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