THAT DAMN DOG! is a traditional point & click game that was made originally for the AGS Bake Sale II. The game is a parody of famous american sitcom.


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That Night Before

From the creator of the FOMI series comes a new mind-numbing graphic adventure! With a totally original story, new point and click interface, and even more puzzly-goodness – That Night Before is the latest, and most advanced adventure game from Scurvyliver Entertainment.

That Night Before is a modern day adventure, that follows 18 year-old Roy Haliway, as he awakens in a world of amnesia. Based around a Hitchcock style thriller, the game also uses a blend of subtle and sarcastic humour.


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Ben There, Dan That!

‘Ben There, Dan That!’ is a knockabout point-and-click comedy game, in the vein of the old classic Lucasarts adventures like ‘Guybrush Threepwood’s The Monkey Islands’ or ‘Sam and Max, Freelance Policemen’. Written by and somewhat-narcissistically starring heroes Dan Marshall and Ben Ward, it’s bursting with bold cartoon graphics, laugh-out-loud dialogue, colourful characters, some frames of animation and nearly 100 different sound effects!
There’s no need for hand-eye coordination or split-second reflexes here; it’s a fun game that anyone can play as long as they don’t mind a few naughty words here and there and the odd dabble of mild racism.


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