Top 20 downloads from – 2012

Here a short list with the top 20 most downloaded files from

Title Downloads Info
Ib 60,017 LINK
Streets of Rage Remake v5.0 26,081 LINK
Super Mario Fusion (beta 01b) 8,083 LINK
Strip Poker Amber Full Game 4,096 LINK
Super Mario Bros X v1.3 4,089 LINK
Sonic before the sequel 3,375 LINK
Dong Dong Never Die (090815) 3,282 LINK
Arma 2 FREE 3,251 LINK
Strip Poker Supreme 8 Demo 2,898 LINK
Stencyl 2,854 LINK
Need for Speed World 2,825 LINK
Sexy Adventures! On Porn Island 2,733 LINK
Strip Poker Amber Demo 2,643 LINK
HawKen 2,626 LINK
BattleField Play4Free 2,365 LINK
Theme Hospital Remake beta 3 2,191 LINK
C&C: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm 1,818 LINK
DvDrum 2 (Beta 4) 1,808 LINK
That Night Before 1,796 LINK

This list includes only files listed with the new download system, the old downloads weren’t counted. Also i didn’t include single Mugen or Open Bor games, since i made a collections links that includes them all, i didn’t include mmo and browsers. These are not the best games on, this are just a list of 20 most downloaded (and with exceptions).

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Psychoballs is a very addictive and free puzzle game. Sort different psychotic balls through mind-boggling pipe-systems. Discover the right strategy but don’t lose your head: ONE mistake and your masterfully crafted plan goes to pieces.


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I made a new archive for this site, now it’s much more easy (imo) to browse through hundreds of free games, you can access the new archive by clicking in the upper menu of the site or by clicking here

That’s it..
4 years of and thousands of free games in just 18 pages! Coming soon in the next days or week the browsing per category.
NOTE for Internet Explorer Users: It works under IE 8, but the archive is best viewed with other browsers.. 😆
It works perfectly on FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

Any suggestions, criticism, and feedback is always welcome.
Hope you like the new archive. Cya.

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That Night Before

From the creator of the FOMI series comes a new mind-numbing graphic adventure! With a totally original story, new point and click interface, and even more puzzly-goodness – That Night Before is the latest, and most advanced adventure game from Scurvyliver Entertainment.

That Night Before is a modern day adventure, that follows 18 year-old Roy Haliway, as he awakens in a world of amnesia. Based around a Hitchcock style thriller, the game also uses a blend of subtle and sarcastic humour.


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