WarHammer 40k: New Space Hulk Boardgame

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For the 20th anniversary Gameworkshop has released a new limited editon of the nice boardgame Space Hulk.


In the darkness of a derelict space hulk, the faith and fury of the Blood Angels are tested to the limit.

A battle is raging between Terminators of the Blood Angels Space Marines and a macabre alien race. But their resolve and skill is pitted against something that haunts their past, because the thousands of foes they face are the same creatures that six centuries ago nearly decimated the Chapter.

As a survivor of the earlier massacre, Sergeant Lorenzo has more to prove than any other. Carrying the stigma of the failure, he now fights for personal deliverance and to redeem the Chapter’s honour.

BONUS:This guy has made a SoundBoard to use during a game, pretty nice idea(or maybe not), you can download the soundboard HERE

Below there is a video of the soundboard..

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