Ultimate Baja Madness (ad-supported)

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This game was full retail but now it is being offered with ad support.

“Ultimate Baja Madness” – is a funny and captivating race on powerful off-roadsters. You have perfect tracks spread out in the very picturesque regions of Latin America: seaside, desert, mountains, estuary of a dry river, famous red canyons and lost cities of the ancient civilizations.


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5 Responses to “Ultimate Baja Madness (ad-supported)”

  1. By filipe_ on March 19, 2009

    quero jogar e da um erro

  2. It doesn’t work on Windows Vista.


    system requirements:
    Pentium 1,2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 64 MB graphic card, Windows 2000/XP.

    You can try to turn T&L Off in game menu.

    Ela não funciona no Windows Vista.
    Você pode tentar virar a T&L Desligado no jogo menu.

  3. By Duel on March 20, 2009

    Okay it says with ad support. In other words does it have spyware?

  4. Probably yes.
    My suggestion is to install this in a secondary partition, not in your main windows system. Or in a virtual machine, or somewhere where it can’t mess your system, just in case.

    The Filefront mirror has been removed, i can’t find it anymore in their website, this is not a good sign.. (Maybe they have found some virus hidden in the game)

    I must say that i am always a bit too much suspicious with this things, but on the internet files caution is always advised.


  5. By tHAI on December 25, 2009

    gostei bastante desse jogo e desse site valeu os fundadores que criaram ese site

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