Tiny Boxed Desktop PC

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I am not a big fan on hardware things, after all so far it’s just the Von Neumann Machine, the computers do the same exact things of 50 years ago, only faster thanks to miniaturization.

But, i was interested in this ‘new generations’ of gpus (graphic cards), nvidia made this ion technology, basically you can have a computer in your house that is big as a small box! Wow this is very cool don’t you think?

With this tiny box, you can surf the web, play flash, video, hd movie, and play some (not too new) games. It’s perfect solution (probably) for a media pc, or for netsurfers, probably not so good for hard-core gamers. And from what i heard it consumes only 30 watt of energy!!

Intel and Amd are building their solutions, which are chips which include cpu and gpu all in the same chip! So i think will see more little box pc, who knows if they can do little box pc for hardcore gamers too?

Well for the moment i don’t know, but i must say it, i am really tempted to buy this little cool pc box…

More videos.. just for curiosity

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