First Nvidia ION System

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As i write in another article, i am really tempted in buying one of this little box-pc, to replace my prehistoric desktop pc. The price of this particular system should be 299 euro, while it’s definetly worth for video and web, i am not total convinced about games.. But it’s very low noise, low energy consuming and little.

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  1. I am also waiting for the nvidia ion system and hope its good

  2. This asrock ion 330 seems better than acer aspire revo r3600, hd twice bigger, dual core instead of single and an optical drive, seems that dont have an OS bundled like acer solution.
    There are also a version of asrock 330 without ion chipset 😀

  3. Hmm.. if no windows OS is bundled with, i think 299 euro is a bit too high as price, they should lower it or include windows 7.

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