CES 2013 some things..

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Here are some videos showing something from the Ces 2013..


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Resident Evil 5 BenchMark

A Resident Evil 5 benchmark to test how well the action horror will run on your PC.

Owners of Nvidia 3D Vision glasses can also check out the stereoscopic enhancements.

Resident Evil 5 will hit the store shelves for PC on September 15, 2009 in North America and September 18th in Europe.

Download Benchmark


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First Nvidia ION System

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As i write in another article, i am really tempted in buying one of this little box-pc, to replace my prehistoric desktop pc. The price of this particular system should be 299 euro, while it’s definetly worth for video and web, i am not total convinced about games.. But it’s very low noise, low energy consuming and little.

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NVIDIA bombards PC game pirates

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I found this article on Kotaku. I can’t believe what i just read, this words against piracy comes from Nvidia? NVIDIA?? All this years this graphic cards manufacturers have been the most ‘blessed’ by the download of the games, the file-sharing boosted and a lot the selling of their chips, mr. Roy Taylor the guys who downloads have feed your family all this years by pointing money on your products, those money otherwise would have gone the developers way.. how u dare come on the internet and do ‘the professor’ judging what is good or what is bad? Just go back to your factory and try to do a decent and not so overpriced gpu.. leave the serious discussions to us the gamers.

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