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(Bucaneer was actually made with TGEA not Torque 3D)

Torque 3D is a professional SDK used to create games. In simpler terms, Torque 3D is a game engine developed by GarageGames. Game development is one of the most difficult, yet fun and rewarding, professions in the world.

Using a game engine is not just a shortcut to finishing a game. Using Torque 3D will save you the time and effort required to create a complex rendering system, high speed networking, real time editors, a scripting system, and so on. However, you must also realize that there is a lot of power “under the hood” that should be harnessed.

More than just a powerful, C++ driven game engine, Torque 3D is also a collection of tools that will aid you in making your games. The engine, also referred to as the source code, was developed entirely in C++. The most important thing to realize about Torque 3D is that it is a large, complex system. It is possible to complete a game without ever touching the source code. However, having source code access allows you to extend the engine to be whatever you want.

This one is priced (the moment i write) 1000 us dollars.
There is also TGEA which is 295 us dollars for indie.
Or torque 2d which is 100-250 us dollars.

LINK to Torque 3D
LINK to Torque 2D

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