Gamers Heart Japan

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Victor Lucas of Electric Playground gathers together some of the top talent in the gaming and game media industry to discuss their love for Japan and Japanese developed games, and to ask for your support.

To Donate Money to the Red Cross for operation in Japan go here:

Gamers Heart Japan


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APB Shuts Down!

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APB close! Wow this is probably the fastest shut down of an mmo, only 4 months. I am not completely surprised through, surprised for the fastness but when you see the game and the business model you know it would have gone this way. 6 years of development with a speculated budget of 30 – 50 million dollars, and after 4 months the game servers are shutted down? I think many people realize the magnitude of this.. This should have been an online GTA, and in all honesty i wished this game to succeed, to expand, personally i lost any interest in this game when they announced the monthly fee.
Well at least they tried to make a different game, something special, i think we will re-see apb in a different business model.. some kind of free korean grindish mmo.. which it will never be a GTA online..


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