FootLOL: Epic Fail League

Indirect-control football with Worms-like crazy weapons on Steam Greenlight! FootLoL is planned for PC and Mac but will be also available for mobile!


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APB Shuts Down!

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APB close! Wow this is probably the fastest shut down of an mmo, only 4 months. I am not completely surprised through, surprised for the fastness but when you see the game and the business model you know it would have gone this way. 6 years of development with a speculated budget of 30 – 50 million dollars, and after 4 months the game servers are shutted down? I think many people realize the magnitude of this.. This should have been an online GTA, and in all honesty i wished this game to succeed, to expand, personally i lost any interest in this game when they announced the monthly fee.
Well at least they tried to make a different game, something special, i think we will re-see apb in a different business model.. some kind of free korean grindish mmo.. which it will never be a GTA online..


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