Battlestar Galactica Online coming this December

Battlestar Galactica Online coming this December..


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JumpGate Evolution Beta

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A great Space MMO game from codemasters. Too bad it will not be f2p, like for example Guild Wars, but the top notch graphic and huge battles of thousands really tempts me to enter the Beta..
Oh ye so far 250k people signed up for the beta.. 😆

LINK (official site)


Master of Orion

Pirate Galaxy Online (3D Browser MMO)

Taikodom Space MMO

Space Cowboy – FlySys – AirRivals

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Taikodom Space MMO

Taikodom is a space-themed Massive Social Game (MSG), based on a fictional universe developed by Hoplon and Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro.

In Taikodom, thousands of players cooperate and fight each other trying to make a living in a single virtual universe shared for all of them. After creating their character, players impersonate an avatar and fly their own ship in real time. And they also get to choose their role in the game:

Challenge is a constant variable. Doing the best business, being a good pilot and being successful depends on you and on the network of friends you create along the way.


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