Concurrence v1.2

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Concurrence is a Flashback-style 2D platformer created by mode7 for submission to the Monthly AGS competition (a friendly game development jam that involves making adventure games using AGS in under four weeks). You’re an astronaut who is stranded on an alien planet with no memory of what has happened, and the only way to get answers to all of the questions in his head is to move forward and explore his surroundings further.

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Concurrence v1.2
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Concurrence is a so called cinematic platform game. Unlike other platform games you will know (like „Super Mario Bros.“ or „Sonic the Hedgehog“), this game focuses on realisitic movements, puzzles and a dense atmosphere. If you have played games like ‚Prince of Persia‘, ‚Another World‘ or ‚Flashback‘ you will know what awaits you. Many of parts of the game will require precise jumping and you might feel a little frustrated at the beginning. But don‘t despair, study the movements described in this manual and keep on practicing and you will find that it isn‘t so hard after all (you also have unlimited continues). This version was done for the april 2011 Monthly Adventure Game Studio Competition (MAGS) and does not feature the full game. It‘s more of a demo. The finished version will follow sometime 2011. ptp88 composed a great soundtrack for the game.

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2 Responses to “Concurrence v1.2”

  1. By Máté on May 22, 2011

    Looks like Another World.

    Also theres a free browser verion of Angry Birds for Chrome.

    • ye if i read it correctly the author aimed to make another world with the gameplay of flashback.. Best of both worlds.
      About the graphic.. the main character is clearly very similar to the Another world character..

      Thanks for the tip about angry birds.. i found some time ago a web version but it looked like more of an unauthorized illegal version while this chrome edition seems fully legal.

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