Bloodline Champions

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Bloodline Champions is a competitive online multiplayer game for up to ten players in which two teams fight for dominance. Each player can choose between a variety of playable Bloodlines with different spectacular abilities, from the awesome strength of the Vanguard to the deceptive magic of the Harbinger. These Bloodlines fight each other in a unique setting, combining Asian and African cultural influences into something completely new.

Bloodline Champions is a game primarily based on player skills instead of character level. Most abilities in the game are projectile based, which means that if your attack hits something it really hits. There are no miss chances, no critical strike chances, no min/max damage, no chance values at all. This makes Bloodline Champions into more of an action game than its’ competitors.

Bloodline Champions will have a deep but simple system for character development, making sure that players are as entertained playing their first game as they are their hundredth.

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